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Technology is a learning tool, not just a cool new thing, and this generation can be called the Net Generation due to the vast benefits computers and the Internet brings to society.

As a teacher, you now also have access to digital resources that can make your work a whole lot easier.

Digital resources are those materials that are distributed over the Internet, open and available to everyone. Teacher resource websites like provide free access to print-on-demand media, online publications, e-learning and shared teaching strategies.

Blending digital learning with traditional instruction strengthens the learning process for students and teachers both. Meaningful and culturally sensitive instruction does not need expensive reference materials, equipment, or time-consuming travel time.

It’s not about having students use tablets and laptops during lessons, but a holistic evidence-based approach. Read on to learn how digital resources can assist you in the classroom environment.

.5. Teaching Tools Are There for You

The least exciting aspect of using technology in the classroom is probably the most immediately useful. Digital resources also means tools and information on how to deal with the continual need to evaluate coursework, file reports, mark and deliver grades, and chart student progress.

Reduce paperwork and email clog via instructor tools, online testing and grade books, and learn what steps how other teachers all over the world use to set their lives back into balance.

4. Start Them Learning Early

A generation is growing up exposed and involved with computers from a very young age, called ‘digital natives’ in a paper by Zevenbergen, Logan (2008), published in the Australian Journal of Early Childhood. With 87% of respondents marking down access to computers at home and elsewhere, computer usage and skills should no longer be treated separately from the child’s development and educational environment, but rather encouraged for how much impact it has on their sociocultural experiences.

It’s now recommended for preschool and kindergarteners to engage with computers early in life, for not only does it teach computer literacy, learning software helps them acquire proficiencies in the core subjects. More about software will be discussed later down this article.

3. Find Prepared Worksheets and Lesson Plans

The most in-demand among free teacher resources! You’d be mad to miss out on these useful instructional materials, made by teachers for other teachers, all ready to use.

2. Use Print On-Demand Instructional Materials

You can also stop foraging down second-hand bookstores and educational supply shops for affordable handbooks, charts, signs, and illustrations to enhance your lessons. Get them instead as quick, easy downloads from teacher resource websites.

Printing shops can usually print out these materials in plastic, tarpaulin or poster board either singly or only as many as you need. It’s still much cheaper than after going through a host of middlemen and retailers.

bb1. Education Software, Fun, Apps and Games

When most people think of educational software for kids, they think of games and digital encylopedias. Do they really work, or do children lose track of the facts with as much fun they’re having? Providing a context for learning helps provide a strong impression associated with the facts. Knowledge retention is 17% higher for game-based learning compared to lectures.

Most games improve literacy and multi-tasking, and make failure and exploration part of the learning process instead of a demoralizing event like receiving bad grades. They may encourage persistence, a factor commonly overlooked compared to intelligence when thinking of future success.

Simulationist games give users 20% higher confidence in dealing with complex tasks similar to that which they have already experienced within the context of a game.

The gamification of learning does not have to be in electronic form, with computers and video games. Rather, what is most important is that you provide a context for students to engage with the material, to interact with and gain immediate response for their decisions, and the means to find victory. Grades and a good future are often too abstract to be appreciated in the narrative context and as a model for desired behavior.

You can encourage parents to treat game-based learning as an effective tool, instead of frivolous amusement. If your classroom can’t afford digital devices, you can find free teacher resources that present lessons in a more game-like scenario.

Visit to gain access to shared materials created by teachers for teachers. Connect with other educators from Australia and all over the world.

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Simple Website Traffic Methods

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You can create the most beautiful website in the world, it might have the most user-friendly layout and best color scheme, but it won’t mean a thing if you don’t have traffic. Traffic equals sales and sales are ultimately what we are after. There are many plenty of ways to generate traffic, but a lot of them take time, money and a lot of effort. I’m going to list a few ways to generate traffic that will instantly drive potential buyers to your website. Regardless of how skilled you are with SEO or maintaining a website, these simple tips will get you a fair amount of targeted traffic onto your website.

One of the most commonly overlooked sources of traffic comes from forums. There are thousands and thousands of forums out there and the topics and categories or endless. You can find a plethora of outlets to gain traffic within your niche if you spend a bit of time searching on Google. Just search for something like this: ‘”Keyword” inurl:forum’ This will bring up a list of forums that are related to your particular niche. You can then create an account and add start promoting your website. I should state that you should be careful not to blatantly spam forums, as it’ll likely get you banned and your posts deleted. Post informative and relevant content that relates to your site.

With the recent updates to Google’s algorithm, it seems that social media is a winner in terms of ranking and it’s no different for traffic. There are millions and millions of people spending countless hours on Facebook and other social media sites. Pinterest is also a good route to take. Sharing your websites or products on these social media sites allow you to expose your brand to countless people and possibly see it go viral. If you’re offering something that people actually want, people will share it with others and you will make money.

There are plenty of other ways to gain traffic, but these are some sure-fire ways to get that instant haul of traffic. Always consider using proper SEO and marketing to gain more and more traffic, but never forget that there are plenty of sources of traffic out there that are free and profitable. Getting quick traffic isn’t hard; it just takes a bit of creative thinking and know-how. Keep at it and you’ll be swimming in potential leads

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5 amazing ways to use sex toys in your bedroom

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Sex is a need, a pleasure and desperation that we all crave for. However, in the long run; by being with the same person, we get bored and the satisfaction level we seek from it eventually drops. To spice up the things, many couples (especially married) ought to buy sex toys hoping that they would bring a new dimension to their sexual life. But, will they? There are many huge misperceptions that go around regarding sex toys. One of them is that they’re specially designed for singles or couples who are tired of their sexual relationship. Well, while they are; what most of us fail to realize is that a little kinkiness in sex is something that everyone would love to. An open mind is all that you need, and you can show your partner, an ecstasy that they will never forget. So, buy a bunch of sex toys and go through these 5 amazing ways to use sex toys in your bedroom:
Do it for him: Yes! You’ve heard it right. Guys are apprehensive at the start and therefore it’s your responsibility to get them on the game. Get your favorite toy and play with it and let him watch you while doing it. He will most likely be turned on by it, and he will lose his inhibitions in no time. Also, you can try wearing sexier clothes like thongs or lingerie in order to enhance the things and strip them off for him.
Tease her as much as you can: This is for the guys. Girls love foreplay
. The sex will be best if you can stimulate her before it. The best way to do it is by using a vibrator and turning her on turning it off and on with time intervals. This kind of strategic play will make her frenzy and wild. Oh boy, now you don’t want to miss that.
Use a Dildo or a Vibrator while you eat her up:Erm! Most of the guys are reluctant towards oral sex but would love to get one. This is where your minds have to change. Women love you when you go down on them. Bring a vibrator or dildo and gently stimulate her G-Spot while you’re there. Women can also try this by massaging his balls and pleasuring him orally. Either way, the combination or oral and vibrational stimulation will blow both of you away.
Get a ring for him: No, not the engagement ring. The vibrator ring! These rings will wrap his shaft’s base tightly and will give him a longer and harder erection than the usual. The vibrations from the ring, on the other hand, will stimulate both of you when you start the intercourse.
Buy some couple toys: There are couple toys in the market emerging every day like the prominent Lelo Insignia Tiani or the famous We-Vibe. Get them and wear them while you’re making out. The sensations and vibrations will enlarge your sexual experience, and you will find yourself wanting it again and again.

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How to Use Sex Toys to Spice Up Your Love Life

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Couples arrive to the moment together in different ways. For couples who have been together for a long time, at some point we reach the moment where things seem …
We hesitate to use the word dull. The relationship has reached a plateau where you know each other well enough to predict needs, actions, and often thoughts and moods. In the bedroom, you are familiar with each other’s bodies to the point that you can literally with your eyes closed or in the darkness of night move your hand directly to the body part you want to fondle without missing.
That familiarity is nice. A sense of security accompanies it, which helps us to relax into our relationship. However, if we let that familiarity and security take over, it leaves us feeling as though something is missing. We don’t have the spark and excitement anymore. If we do not face it as a couple and overcome it, we can find the security that familiarity brings dwindling as we lose our intimate connection.
Enter the Sex Toy
Sex toys can be a wonderful way to spice up your sex life. They allow us new ways to explore our and our partners’ bodies. They can give us new sensations and experiences we have never had before. For couples who struggle with intimacy issues – he has difficulty keeping an erection or lasting or she has trouble reaching orgasm regularly – they can be a huge benefit to their love life.
What sex toy you choose will depend on just what you want from the sex toy. Every couples’ needs will be different. If you only reach orgasm during sexual intercourse after a lot of rigorous thrusting and he has trouble lasting through that thrusting, you may want to consider a masturbation toy for him, such as a textured Fleshlight, that you can both use during foreplay (some men last longer after their first orgasm of the night). On the other hand, if she enjoys intercourse but has trouble reaching an orgasm, wearing a finger vibrator during sex or wearing a vibrating cock ring that will stimulate her when you thrust could be just what you need.
For some couples, sex toys are not about overcoming obstacles in sex, but about adding something new into the mix. If you want to explore anal play together, anal beads, anal probes, and anal plugs are a necessity. If a couple enjoys kink and he – like many men – enjoys being dominated in bed, then a strap on for her with an anal dildo could be quite the experience. For couples who want to explore power exchange and bondage, a restraint kit for the bed, complete with cuffs and maybe a light paddle or flogger, is the perfect way to spice up your usual routine in bed.
Sex toys can afford you interesting ways to play outside of the bedroom as well. Remote control vibrators work anywhere, as long as the one with the controller and the one with the vibrator, are within range. When you have the house to yourself, split up chores and buzz her once in a while as she takes care of her half of the list. If she wears it on your dinner date or to the movies, you can tease her throughout the evening, building up the anticipation for when the two of you get home.
The beauty of sex toys is that they help you take your imagination and make it real. Whether you want something kinky or to deepen your intimacy with added pleasures, a sex toy can help spice up your love life.

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Holidays & Travel Sri Lanka Tour Packages

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Providing you with a unique, Low Cost & unforgettable travel experience in Sri Lanka. That reflects the traveler’s true desires and interests. To perform this service with professionalism, creativity and knowledge. We want our clients to experience the real Sri Lanka, rather than just see it.

Through our website we invite you to have a glimpse of Sri Lanka, which is not only the lustrous Pearl of the Indian Ocean, but one of the most exciting locations for your next vacation. You will be enticed by the rich diversity of sights and sensations that this little island has to offer.

This is your one stop travel shop to find and book the best travel packages Sri Lanka has to offer. Choose a Tour Package or Tailor make one of your own and leave the rest to us.

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